WCLBMA Committees


The WCLBMA has several committees available for member participation, advising the association on its current and future programs and plans.  There are currently four committees members are invited to be a part of:

Government Affairs Council
The Government Affairs Council is a high priority of WCLBMA, with government affairs and lobbying in both California and Nevada. Through a combination of contracted government affairs consulting and lobbying efforts, backed up with staff and member participation, WCLBMA is developing a higher profile for government affairs and industry issues.

The committee reviews pending legislation to determine the association’s positions. WCLBMA is increasingly involved in monitoring and participating in the regulatory activities of state government, as well as monitoring activity at a state and county level. WCLBMA also has a California state-reporting political action committee, WCLBMA PAC, which contributes annually to state assembly and senate members and candidates, other state officials and various campaigns. The committee meets several times a year and conducts special events from time to time.

Risk Management/HR Committee
The Risk Management/HR Committee is composed of safety directors, HR managers, and risk managers – including dealer, associate, and affiliate members.  The committee reviews and circulates a wide range of “best practices” in safety, HR, and risk management.  Provide forum for idea exchange and establish on-line and printed library of materials for member use. Disseminate current information on insurance options and industry trends.  Develop seminars, on-line training, or other regular communications for information dissemination.  Review both state and federal OSHA and other similar regulatory agency actions.  The committee meets mainly by conference call, computer dissemination of information because of time and cost limitation of members.  A a listing of Risk Management products offered by the WCLBMA are found in the “Members Only” section of this website.

Education Committee
The Education Committee is involved in the selection and planning of educational training programs and seminars conducted by WCLBMA throughout the year. The committee reviews the success and quality of association programs and events.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is involved in building and sustaining membership in this organization. The committee reviews membership development campaigns and assists in developing potential member contacts.