What WCLBMA Offers

For nearly 100 years, the West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association (WCLBMA) and its predecessor organizations have been dedicated to representing the independent lumber and building materials dealers in a variety of ways.

Educational programs and training, representing the industry’s interests at the local, state and federal level and with a wide range of information that increases your operating effectiveness and efficiency are just part of what WCLBMA offers. WCLBMA will keep you informed and help you save money.

WCLBMA has available a wide range of materials including safety and loss control materials, lumber mold and other legal issues, “green” building information, regulatory issues information and new laws, management reports, and industry promotional materials. WCLBMA also provides you with new and critical information regularly.

Government Affairs is a high priority for WCLBMA. WCLBMA is the voice of the industry with expert lobbying services in both California and Nevada, and with staff professionals with more than 30 years of legislative experience. Additionally, WCLBMA monitors state and federal regulatory agencies and strives to influence their actions to our benefit. We’re also represented in Washington DC by the governmental affairs program of the National Lumber and Building Materials Dealers Association.
Our objective is to minimize government intrusion into your daily business, and to provide services and information to make your business more profitable.

WCLBMA offers educational and training programs throughout the year on a variety of timely subjects. Additionally, the annual convention provides access to industry and professional leaders and speakers with programs that are vital to your business.

Strategic alliances with insurance companies and brokers, credit card processing services, office supplies and forms, as well as discounted pricing on equipment are available to WCLBMA members.

Networking and interaction with others in the industry is invaluable. New ideas or just another way of looking at a challenge through member interaction can give you a competitive advantage. WCLBMA can provide you with quality opportunities to network with peers, customers and suppliers. Stay up to date on a changing industry.
Golf events, receptions and programs, dinners, an annual government affairs day, an annual convention with industry leaders, and other special events add to WCLBMA membership value.

WCLBMA is governed by a Board of Directors from all facets of the industry and from across the region. A full time professional staff manages the organization from the Sacramento area office.

A weekly e-mail update keeps members aware of the latest in industry and association news, business trends and business practices, government actions, safety and economic information. A monthly newsletter covers even more of the industry and association activities.

Have a specific question or issue? WCLBMA will help you find an answer confidentially and rapidly. Your investment as a member of WCLBMA can save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid problems.