Risk, Safety, HR

The WCLBMA has available to its members a variety of information and resources regarding risk, safety and HR.  This information can be found in the “Members Only” section of this website.

In addition the WCLBMA also has a Risk Management/HR Committee.  Committee members include safety directors, HR managers, and risk managers – including dealer, associate, and affiliate members.

The role of the committee is to review and circulate wide range of “best practices” in safety, HR, and risk management.  Provide forum for idea exchange and establish on-line and printed library of materials for member use.  Disseminate current information on insurance options and industry trends.  Develop seminars, on-line training, or other regular communications for information dissemination.  Review both state and federal OSHA and other similar regulatory agency actions.

The committee meets mainly by conference call, computer dissemination of information due to time and cost limitation of members.  If you are an WCLBMA member and are interested in being on the Risk Management/HR Committee please contact Jean Henning at 916-235-7490 or by e-mail at jeanh@lumberassociation.org.