“Green” Information


“Green” means many things to different people. Lumber and wood products are America’s original “green” building materials – products that are renewable, recyclable and sustainable. General information on wood and the wood products industry can be accessed here.

          Lumber Industry Information Sheet

Various programs certify wood and building materials that emphasize renewability, sustainability, resource-efficient design and cost effectiveness. Two of the best known rating systems are LEED® and Green Globes™. They may be contacted at:

            US Green Building Council/LEED            www.usgbc.org

            Green Building Initiative/Green Globes    www.thegbi.org

Most green building standards and programs cite a preference for wood grown and harvested in sustainable forests. Several third-party certification programs are in common use, the two largest being the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI). Each program has its one standards, costs and audit requirements. They may be contacted at:

             Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)         www.fscus.org

             Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI)          www.sfiprogram.org

Additional information on green issues may be read at:

            Wood Promotion Network                      www.beconstructive.com

The “Industry Links” section of this website also has additional industry contact information.