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The Legacy of Lumber


The Legacy Of Lumber

A book on the history of the lumber industry in California, America and the West is now available for immediate delivery

Published by the WCLBMA in celebration of its 100th anniversary in 2017

California and the West have one of the richest histories and traditions in the lumber industry, but little has been written on the business of lumber itself. Most books have focused on logging, sawmills and even the transportation of lumber.  This new book ties it all together, from the time English settlers landed on the East Coast to the westward expansion in the 1840s. It is not an idle boast that lumber built America and any new community usually had a lumberyard as one of its first businesses.

This book is a highly readable history of this important American industry with a focus on California and the West, with the individual stories of the lumberyards and lumber dealers who built this industry. This book is a great overview and story of the lumber industry.

Get copies today! Lumber is a critical and important part of the nation and state’s economy, history and future.