Endorsed Services

From time to time, the West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association endorses a particular company offering a particular service or products to our members and the industry. It is a process not done lightly and one done in consultation with those who use the products or services and with the association board of directors. We’re pleased with the long standing endorsement agreements we have with several of our endorsed services and welcome other newer ones.

Here’s who we currently endorse:

Federated Insurance: WCLBMA endorses Federated Insurance for property and casualty insurance needs, and financial protection services. Our relationship with Federated Insurances goes back to 2000 with the formal endorsement. The company was doing business with lumber & building materials businesses here long before that. The company started in 1904 with its main offices in Owatonna, Minnesota, with regional and services centers in several other states including here in California. It is rated A+ (Superior) by the A.M. Best insurance rating services. One of Federated’s business plans is an emphasis on key industries across the country, with lumber and building materials being one of those they want to insure.

Owen-Dunn Insurance Services: Owen-Dunn Insurance Services has been endorsed by the WCLMBA for workers’ compensation coverage since the early 2000’s. Workers Compensation insurance is one of the most complex and criticial needs for any business, and the professionals at Owen-Dunn have the experience and abilities to handle all aspects of work comp issues, including loss control, injury prevention, HR needs and related essentials. Seminars and workshops throughout the year help keep WCLBMA members aware of these critical needs.

Royal Business Forms: Royal is a national supplier of custom forms and business supplies with distribution to all 50 states. Formed in 1959, the company’s primary goal has been to provide quality printing, experienced customer service, and a professionally monitored forms management program with multiple ship points to our clients. Royal Business Forms produce and distribute a variety of continuous, snap-a-part, register and laser forms, demand style point-of-sale invoices and many varieties of promotional products.  Our specialties include laser cut sheet shells and stock forms for many types of software packages. Royal’s relationship with WCLBMA goes back at least 25 years.

LumberyadApp.com:  This is the simplest way to strengthen and expand your connections with your customers.  The concept is a mobile app with an active outgoing function. It lives on the mobile phone of the customer. The lumberyard can send push notifications about special offers, sales days, events, new materials, and these show up on the customer’s mobile phone. This one feature alone supports all of the lumberyard’s marketing efforts.

The lumberyard app is ready. The timing is right. We are in a new crisis. Local lumberyards need to think outside the box. The biggest asset of the local lumberyard is its local customer base. The app helps to build a stronger connection with these. It is the ideal communication and marketing tool for these times. Additionally, the lumberyard app is extremely useful to builders and other customers. One example is the indexed library of installation guides on the app, all organized and easily available. This one feature makes it much simpler than searching for them by the mobile phone browser.

Paynation:  A Southern California-based payments technology company that provides payment processing, proprietary technology, and omni-channel payment acceptance solutions for merchants of all shapes and sizes. Their core payment platform and suite of value-added payments tools are distributed nationwide.  They offer payment processing, platform technology, turnkey solutions and custom solutions.  For more details and information contact:  Chris Carpenter, Director, Integrated Solutions ccarpenter@paynation.us.  Office 512-249-8778, Cell 951-992-7046.

Certified Safety Training (CST): CST is headquartered in Princeton NJ. Company president Mark Harrison brings more than 25 years of safety training experience backed by certified safety professionals. CST reporting and course content is OSHA compliant and verified by Certified Safety Professionals. Additionally, the content will be modified as needed to comply with state OSHA programs, such as Cal OSHA, to ensure state level compliance. Nearly 30 states have safety requirements that expand on or modify the federal Occupational Safety and Health laws. Most are usually more stringent than the federal program. CST can handle all of a company’s training, deliver customized reports, and make sure members and employees are fully complied with OSHA’s standards.

Courses include: Lockout/Tagout, Fire Extinguisher, Back Safety, Forklift, Boom Truck, Cargo Securement, OSHA Compliance Recordkeeping, Written Safety Program, Hearing Conservation, Ladder Safety, Emergency Action & Fires, Personal Hygiene, and Cold Weather Safety.

Additional courses include: Hazard Assessment/PPE Matrix, Safety Program Evaluation, STEP (Safety Training and Education Program), Formaldehyde Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Written Respiratory Protection, Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, Power Tools, Retail Worker Safety, Psychology of Safety, Material Handling and Employee Orientation.

This list of endorsed partners changes from time to time, as businesses that fit the requirements for being endorsed by the WCLBMA are considered. It should also be noted that WCLBMA has other members who offer similar products and services than those of our endorsed partners. Those members are equally valued by the association as we all know that not one size fits all in all professional relationships and sets of needs.