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John Ehrig, Executive Director

John has served as the WCLBMA executive director since April 2021. In his role, John works to achieve the key goals, priorities and deliverables of the association as set by, and under the direction of, the Board and Executive Committee.  He and the board continue to be very focused on ensuring that the association continues to the have the resources, services and programs needed to serve all of its members and to make sustaining and lasting impacts that serve the common good of the lumber and building materials industry across California and Nevada.  John has over 15 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector as an executive director.

Charlene Valine, Finance and Administrative Director

Principal responsibilities include general accounting and bookkeeping functions of WCLBMA. She manages the WCLBMA office and various outside services. She is the principal computer, network and website coordinator. She manages reporting for WCLBMA PAC.  She also is staff liaison to the WCLBMA Investment Committee.

Julie Van Groningen, Senior Event Manager

With over 20 years of events management experience, Julie has skills in problem solving, creativity, and flexibility to help produce successful events. As a project manager, she specializes in customer service that nurtures positive, productive relationships. She is proficient at creating and managing association conventions, member meetings, trade shows, board of directors’ meetings and other specialty events in the US, Europe, and Asia from inception to completion.  She is a foodie that loves to travel and learn about different cultures.