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We are one of the largest regional lumber and building materials associations in the country and the foremost voice of the industry in the region. Government action, educational programs and seminars, business contacts, communications on important issues and networking events are just a few examples of the power of the association and the value of being a member!

We solve problems and help you become more profitable.  |  JOIN WCLBMA NOW!

2022 WCLBMA Annual Meeting Notice

The 2022 WCLBMA Annual Meeting will be held Friday, October 21st from 11:00 – 11:30 AM during our annual convention at the Hilton Hotel Gaslamp, San Diego. The meeting is open to all members and you are encouraged to attend.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you in October so please Register Now!

Planned Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Vote to Approve Restated Bylaws*
  3. 2023 Board of Directors Election
  4. ‘State of the Association’, 2022 accomplishments and our plans for 2023
  5. Open Q&A

*Bylaws are available for viewing (member password needed)  Bylaws Redline Version      Proposed Bylaws For Approval

WCLBMA, NLBMDA, and Ganahl Lumber Host
Congresswoman Michelle Steel

COSTA MESA, CA – On August 17, 2022 Congresswoman Michelle Steel (R-California) joined the West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association (WCLBMA) and the National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) for a tour of Ganahl Lumber at their lumber yard and hardware store and in Costa Mesa, CA.

Congresswoman Steel met with President and CEO Peter Ganahl along with other company leaders and WCLBMA Board members to discuss issues affecting the lumber and building material industry, including the national supply chain and the importance of the affordable housing market in California. WCLBMA and NLBMDA coordinated the event.

From left to right: Ganahl Lumber CFO Dan Delaney, Ganahl Lumber General Manager Steve Schroeder,
Congresswoman Michelle Steel, and Ganahl Lumber President & CEO Peter Ganahl

 “I’m grateful to Ganahl Lumber in Costa Mesa for the work they have done for decades to create jobs and promote more affordable housing for Orange County families. As we continue facing a supply chain crisis, their commitment to providing materials to Southern California is critical,” said Congresswoman Michelle Steel.

Full Press Release-WCLBMA, NLBMDA, and Ganahl Lumber Host Congresswoman Michelle Steel


The bill would require e-commerce shippers who ship purchased products in or into the state to reduce the total weight and number of units of single-use plastic shipping envelopes it uses to transport products.  Our industry is constantly working to eliminate unnecessary packaging for various environmental reasons. Currently, we use plastic wraps to protect units of lumber from the elements. These plastic wraps are used judiciously as they only cover areas exposed to the elements, leaving the bottom and end sides open.  In our efforts to be good environmental stewards, we have experimented with alternatives to plastic, such as paper wraps. We have found that these alternatives do not properly protect the wood and can result in the degradation of our products. The bill’s goal is laudable, as it seeks to “reduce the unnecessary and unacceptable amount of single-use plastic used in the e-commerce marketplace.” We believe it is not the intent to restrict or limit plastic wraps used to protect wood products. For the above-mentioned reasons, we asked to amend AB 2026 to exclude shipping envelopes used for wood products.

Final AB 2026 Opposition Letter

Save The Date! October 19-21, 2022
WCLBMA is Pleased to Announce
the Return of Our Annual Convention
“Riding the Waves of Uncertainty”

After 3 long years of COVID-induced hiatus, it’s time to unite and collaborate face to face in beautiful San Diego October 19-21 at our annual convention!  We have lined up exceptional keynote speakers, relevant and timely educational sessions, and the most valuable resources to help you get the information and tools you need to navigate (ride the waves) of these interesting (uncertain) times, to not just survive, but to thrive. With more discussion, more connection, and more collaboration, this convention is not just back—it’s bigger and better! After all, our industry is built on mutual trust, based on one-to-one relationships and interactions. This year we are transforming the traditional convention experience to deliver you and your company more value, stronger strategies and bigger perspectives.

Why You Should Attend

  • Top-Notch Content that will delve into the hot and critically important issues influencing your business.
  • Dynamic Speakers that will deliver timely information and personal inspiration.
  • Fun Special Events to network with your peers to gain valuable insights and to celebrate this great industry of ours together.

The lumber industry is strong and vibrant but change is the only certainty. We need to stay relevant and change with the times. Find out what’s shaping the future of the lumber industry and how we, the WCLBMA, can respond to stay relevant and ensure a strong future for our industry.

For more information on our annual convention – schedule, registration and sponsorship information please to to the “Upcoming Events” page of our website.

WCLBMA on Instagram

WCLBMA is now on Instagram

We need every member already using Instagram to visit our site, ‘follow’ us, ‘like’ our posts, ‘share’ with your peers, and add ‘comments’.

If you are not already on Instagram, you can still access our site (it is open to all) and/or use your Facebook account to log-in. We will be adding content and building the site regularly and this will only work and be successful if you participate. Engaging with our page will enable us to stay connected, be aware of upcoming events, and help our community grow.

To learn more about Instagram, there are many on-line resources. Here is one we found to be helpful and quite thorough:

Many thanks to Brandon Chelini and Friedman’s Home Improvement for his ongoing work curating our content.

WCLBMA Building For A Better California Infographic

The WCLBMA Building for a Better California Infographic is a clear and concise view of 4 key metrics that illustrate the power of our collective membership.
Annually, the 250+ members of the WCLBMA collectively contribute significantly to their local communities and to the overall California economy and represent one of the most critical cogs in the supply chain for affordable housing in California!
  • $6.1 Billion Gross Revenue
  • $353 Million Payroll
  • $129 Million Sales Tax Generated
  • And our members provide good paying jobs for over 4600 Ethnically Diverse Californians.
The Association uses the Infographic to:
  • Educate our state representatives about us
  • Tell our “story” that illustrates the collective power of our numbers as the association that represents the lumber industry in our state put our association on the state representatives’ “radars”
  • Help us influence legislation and public policy in the California Capital for the good of the lumber industry and businesses in general
  • Raise the awareness of our association and best put a “spotlight” on us to help us build credibility with our state representatives
  • Provide a clear, unified, and resonant voice to policymakers
Click here for more information and to download the WCLBMA BUILDING FOR A BETTER CALIFORNIA Infographic.
We can also help ‘localize’ the statistics and use them to target messaging to the specific legislators in the districts our members operate in. Please contact me if you would like help setting up a meeting with your local representatives.

WCLBMA Educational Webinar Series Replays

WCLBMA monthly educational webinar series are being offered for all members of the association.  To see a list of upcoming webinars visit our Calendar of Upcoming Events webpage.

If you missed an event or would like to go back through a webinar previously offered we have made the video available as well as slide presentation if applicable.  WCLBMA Webinar Events

WCLBMA Previous News and Information

For previous news and information articles please see our News Archive.

WCLBMA Member Testimonials

Many Benefits and Relationships of Great Value
“Mead Clark Lumber Company has a long association with the WCLBMA. I was encouraged to get involved over 35 years ago and have dozens of stories where I personally and my company benefited   There has been many opportunities to meet the other members, share ideas, and build lasting friendships. The personal relationships we have built over the years with other dealer members and associates are of great value. WCLBMA is a valuable voice of, and partner to, the retail & wholesale lumber industry in California and Nevada. An overlooked, added value is the accompanying membership with the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association. Renewing membership or starting a new membership in the WCLBMA is an easy decision and we plan to continue for years to come.”
Matt Petersen, Vice President – Mead Clark Lumber Company, Inc.

Valuable to Our Business
“Taiga has been an associate member of the WCLBMA since the beginning and we’ve found it very valuable to our business.  In addition to the excellent networking opportunities our membership has allowed us to source insurance products, given us referrals for safety training and advertise our new products.  We are kept up to date on relevant legislation which gives us a voice to help guide the changes in our industry.   The best association we belong to.”
Pat Zan, Senior Commodity Trader – Taiga Building Products

We Strongly Believe in the Mission and Goals of the WCLBMA
“Ashby Lumber strongly believes in the mission and goals of the WCLBMA. We have benefited greatly from many parts of our membership including the second growth trips, sharing ideas with other members, and networking opportunities. WCLBMA is an asset to our industry and a very important membership to our organization.”
Emily Brown, CEO – Ashby Lumber   

We Have Benefited Greatly from the Many Opportunities
“Central Valley has a long association with the WCLBMA.  We have benefited greatly from the many opportunities to meet the other members, share ideas, and build lasting friendships.  WCLBMA is an invaluable voice of, and partner to, the lumber industry in California and Nevada.”
Matt Endriss, General Manager – Central Valley

Gain Valuable Insight
“Reno Carson Lumber has been a long-standing member of the WCLBMA. As one of the few members from Nevada, it’s a great opportunity to meet fellow lumber yard operators in California to gain valuable insight on what’s going on in the industry. As well, this has given me the opportunity to build some really solid relationships, professionally and personally.”
Chris Fleiner, Vice President/General Manager – Reno Carson Lumber

Easy to Call a Fellow Member
“One thing I value about the WCLBMA is how easy it has become to call a fellow member to share or ask for guidance.  This can be related to credit ratings, theft control, equipment strategies or a safety procedure.  The cost of membership is nothing compared to paying an unnecessary negative consequence.”
Barrett Burt, General Manager – Ganahl Lumber


You want to sell building materials, not deal with regulations and red tape.

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