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New WCLBMA Executive Director Announced

On April 1, 2021 John Ehrig was appointed as the executive director for the West Coast Lumber and Building Material Association (WCLBMA).  In his new position, John will work to achieve the key goals, priorities and deliverables of the association as set by, and under the direction of, the Board and Executive Committee.

Building on the solid foundation and success of the WCLBMA, John will be working to increase and improve the many benefits and value the association delivers to its members.  In addition, John and the board are very focused on ensuring that the association will continue to the have the resources, services and programs needed to serve all of its members and to make sustaining and lasting impacts that will serve the common good of the lumber and building materials industry across California, Nevada and Hawaii.

John works for Inventures, a professional association management company headquartered in San Ramon with a 25 year track record of successfully managing non-profit organizations.  John joins the WCLBMA with 15 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector as an executive director for several Inventures clients. He could not be more honored and delighted to have this opportunity to work with the WCLBMA.  John holds a business degree from the Pennsylvania State University.

Treated Wood Waste:  With the Governor’s veto of 2020’s Assembly Bill 68, Treated Wood Waste is no longer allowed to be disposed of at any place except a Class I Hazardous Waste Landfill.  This ban took place on January 1, 2021.  For current information go to the Department of Toxic Substances Control website as well as our Weekly Updates and notifications sent from the WCLBMA office emailed to all WCLBMA Members.

COVID-19:  In a constantly changing environment, it is hard to tell what’s next. We here at WCLBMA will do our best to keep you informed with accurate, timely and verifiable information. 

The latest industry information relating to COVID-19 can be found our on special industry page

The WCLBMA staff is continuing to work for the members of our association and our industry.  At this time we are working both in the office and remotely and as directed by local and state agencies. We have access to our email and  continue to serve our members.
Be sure to look at the WCLBMA WEEKLY publication for the latest and most up to date information regarding our industry during this critical time.
One of the less publicized aspects of the WCLBMA is that if you have a question on just about any subject or situation, we may have a quick and confidential answer for you. In many instances another member has had a similar situation or question.


Proposition 65 Warning Regulations – WCLBMA, in consultation with outside legal counsel, has prepared ready-to-place warning signage that will provide warnings for the most common items sold in a lumber, hardware or building materials business.  The materials also contain information for manufacturers and suppliers on their responsibilities under the new regulations.

Order your set of materials today!  Prop 65 Warnings Flyer

For additional information contact WCLBMA at 800/266-4344 or jeanh@lumberassociation.org.


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