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California State Government

WCLBMA is involved lobbying and monitoring legislation and government agency actions.

Questions on California state government issues may be directed to the WCLBMA office at (800) 266-4344.

CA Regulatory Agencies

CA Department of Forestry & Fire Protection:
CA Department of General Services:
CA Department of Industrial Relations:
CA Department of Insurance:
CA Employment Development Department:
CA Environmental Protection Agency:
CA Labor & Workforce Development Agency:
CA Law Revision Commission:
CA Office of the State Fire Marshall:
CA Tax Service Center:
CA Office of the Governor:
CA Office of the Lieutenant Governor:
CA Attorney General:
CA Secretary of State:
CA State Treasurer:
CA State Legislature:
CA State Assembly:
CA State Senate:

Find Your CA State Legislators

If you are interested in finding your California state legislators, contact information, legislative district information, legislative rosters, etc. we have made it easy for you.  Follow the link below to the find your California state legislators.

Find My California State Legislators